The App That Keeps You Organized And Productive

Stay in Sync

Link the app to a Google or account and your devices will be perfectly in sync. Sync can occur automatically.

Enable or Disable Features

Turn on only the features you need to keep the app simple and avoid useless clutter.

Nagging Reminders

Have your device remind you every few minutes to ensure you get the message. Reminders can be based on time or location.

Voice Mode

Create, modify, and read tasks using only your voice. Manage your to-do list while driving, or anytime you can't use your hands.


Tasks and notes can be placed into folders - to categorize your tasks and manage projects.

Contexts and Locations

You can't do personal stuff and work, and you can't do work stuff at home. The app lets you filter out tasks you can't do right now.

Share and Collaborate

Assign tasks to others and track status. Use Toodledo's collaboration features or use the app's ability to link to multiple accounts.


Subtasks give you the ability to track the steps needed to complete a larger task, and provide a valuable tool for managing projects.

5 Priority Levels

Some tasks are more important than others. The 5 priority levels help you focus on what's most important.

Status Tracking

Let's you track which tasks are being actively worked on, which are postoned, which are waiting on someone, etc.

Suppported Devices

Android Smartphones and Tablets - Running Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and up

Amazon Kindle Fire - 4th generation models released in 2014, or later

Windows and Mac Computers - Run the app on an Android emulator such as BlueStacks or Andy, or log into Toodledo or Google from a web browser.

Download Now

Supported Sync Services - Synchronizes tasks and notes. A paid account is required to sync subtasks (one level is supported).

Google - Synchronizes tasks only. Multiple levels of subtasks are supported. From a browser, tasks are accessed through Gmail or Google Calendar.

Split-Screen Options

2 pane and 3 pane split-screen options are available for larger devices, so you can make the most of the extra space.

Repeating Tasks

You can set up tasks that need to be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or with more complex patterns.


Not everything is a to-do item. Use the app the keep track of notes for reference information.

Time Tracking

Keep track of both the estimated and actual length of tasks. A built-in timer is included.

Advanced Filter, Sort, Display

Filter your tasks on any field, sort by up to 3 levels (including manually), and adjust the display to show exactly what you want.

Saved Searches / Custom Views

Set up your own custom views, with saved filter, sort, and display settings.

Wear OS Support

Use your smartwatch to browse and check-off tasks, snooze reminders, and create and update tasks by voice (English only).

Calendar Integration

You can view your tasks on your device's calendar, allowing you to see both calendar events and to-do items on one screen.

Contacts Integration

Link your tasks to contacts on your device. Open the contact directly from the task so you can place a call or send an e-mail.